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Zabeyda & Partners Law Office

About Us

We defend from criminal prosecution for fraud charges, economic crimes and misdemeanor in office, deal with extradition issues and provide legal assistance in cybercrimes
Our team consists of attorneys with high level of expertise: graduates from top universities and specialists with experience in law enforcement agencies.
We understand the concept of functioning of the Russian law enforcement system, know the principles how the public authority officers think and act, therefore, we choose the most effective strategy in defense of our clients.

Cases, which speak for themselves

Economic crimes
  • Counselling for defendants in economic crimes [fraud, corruption schemes, misappropriation and embezzlement, abuse of power, tax crimes, criminal bankruptcy and money laundering];
  • Legal representation of affected parties at all stages of criminal trials, including pre-investigation probes and law enforcement intelligence...
Misdemeanor in office
  • Advocacy of the First Deputy Governor of Ivanovskaya Oblast charged with corruption-related wrongdoings.
Criminal defense
  • Defense of a well-known Russian developer charged with appropriation of property rights for several land plots owned by his business partner, the estimated value of which is 2 bln. rubles.
  • Legal representation of a beneficiary of a large appliance manufacturing company on a charge of tax evasion for almost 4 bln. rubles
Cross-border criminal cases
  • Defense of a Moldovan politician and media tycoon in an international criminal case with the political framework. The client is charged by the RF authorities in creation and management of a drug syndicate, criminal association, laundering of 37 bln. rubles, as well as an attempted assassination of one of Moldovan politicians.
Extradition and Interpol
  • A criminal case against a Head of Capital Construction of an Oil Refinery within a criminal case related to a corporate conflict with a Russian Oil Company where the General Prosecutor's Office sought for an extradition of the client.
  • A criminal case against a former CEO of a Titanium-Magnesium Plant wanted by Interpol, which was arrested and placed under extradition arrest as demanded by the law enforcement agencies of another country.
  • Defense of a former Under Secretary in the High Court of Justice in London, who was charged of extortion of shares from his business partner to the amount of 5 bln. rubles.
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