• Economic crimes
    • Counselling for defendants in economic crimes [fraud, corruption schemes, misappropriation and embezzlement, abuse of power, tax crimes, criminal bankruptcy and money laundering];
    • Legal representation of affected parties at all stages of criminal trials, including pre-investigation probes and law enforcement intelligence...
  • Misdemeanor in office
    Criminal defense of top managers of state-owned companies and state corporations, heads of the subjects and top lawmaking and executive bodies charged of misdemeanor in office [bribery, abuse of office, abuse of power, blunder, forgery].
  • Criminal defense
    Advocacy and legal representation in field-specific areas of criminal law, including tax and customs crimes, corporate and family conflicts shifted to the criminal area, crimes in the banking sector, illegal banking activity, etc.
  • Counselling during investigation procedures
    • Preparation of leaders and staff of companies for participation in investigation procedures
    • Counselling in law enforcement intelligence [search, interview, interrogation, face-to-face confrontation, seizure]
    • Counselling in tax audits involving officials of the Interior Ministry
    • Advocacy of defendants at the stage of investigation procedures
    • Legal representation of witnesses
  • Cross-border criminal cases
    • Defense of accused parties in offshoring of assets and capital stock
    • Counselling in searching of foreign assets within cross-border criminal cases
    • Work with troubled assets due to criminal cases
    • Defense of persons accused in currency crimes
  • Extradition and Interpol
    • Acquisition and analysis of information about a wanted person, as well as development of advices for legal protection methods from extradition
    • Protection of an RF citizen from extradition upon demand of a foreign state with the purpose of termination of detection of a person on the RF territory
    • Participation in initial actions of extraditional inspection
    • Usage of legal methods for non-extradition of a person to a foreign state
    • Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights
    • Defense of a person in case of his or her pre-trial detention
  • Strategic Consulting
    • Audit for any vulnerabilities in business
    • Development of internal policies, instructions and procedures, including their follow-up control system
    • Delicate carrying out of internal investigations
    • Organization of trainings and interactive activities for employees
  • Litigation Finance
    We are available to discuss litigation charges and external fundraising issues to defend a suspected dispute
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