Criminal defense.

Advocacy and legal representation in field-specific areas of criminal law, including tax and customs crimes, corporate and family conflicts shifted to the criminal area, crimes in the banking sector, illegal banking activity, etc.

Our core issues

Tax crimes
  • Legal representation of business
at the stage of on-site tax audits involving law enforcement;
at the stage of pre-investigation probe and criminal investigations in tax crimes;

  • Defense from criminal prosecution over an illegal VAT recovery from the budget.
Customs crimes
Criminal defense in customs crimes
  • Counselling and risk assessment at the stage of customs audit;
  • Criminal cases in customs evasion;
  • Criminal cases in smuggling of prohibited substances and objects (226.1 and 229.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).
Ecological and industrial safety offences
Legal representation and defense of both company officials and business owners

  • in criminal cases in construction and operation of buildings;
  • in criminal charges filed over violations of industrial safety;
  • on charges of violation of environmental legislation, including in extraction and processing of natural resources.
Cybercrimes and computer information theft
Criminal defense on charges in crimes related to:
  • hacking attacks;
  • DDoS-attacks of a network resource;
  • creation of a forged Internet resource;
  • phishing attacks and ransomware;
  • theft of various digital assets;
  • theft of non-cash money;
  • cryptoassets usage.
Offences in the banking sector
  • Defense in criminal cases related to bankruptcy of a loan company;
  • Criminal and legal support in cases of revocation of banking license;
  • Defense of chief executives of loan companies at the stage of pre-investigation probe and on charges of misdemeanor in office, fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement, as well as abuse of power.
Corporate conflicts
  • Assistance in settlement of corporate conflicts shifted to the criminal area, including in attempted raider attacks and business seizure.
Family and inheritance conflicts
  • Counselling in family and inheritance conflicts, which went beyond the civil-law relations and shifted to the criminal area.
Fraudulent acts of employees
  • Counselling in internal employee investigations;
  • Mitigation of criminal risks;
  • Preparation of documents for an appeal to law enforcement agencies.
"Attention, interrogations!" drills
Carrying out of drills focused on generation of behavioural skills among company employees in an interrogation with the purpose to minimize criminal risks. All drills are prepared in strict confidentiality. Any information discovered in an interrogation process is legally privileged.

Our approach
  • Development of an individual drill program based on the specifics of a company and its business targets;
  • Carrying out of an interrogation by former law enforcement officials under conditions close to reality;
  • Thorough simulation of an interrogation environment using all available modern techniques;
  • Observation of the state and actions of every participant of an interrogation;
  • The result of drills is comprehensive feedback on every participant and follow-up advices.
  • Counselling;
  • Legal risk assessment;
  • Preparation of legal opinion;
  • Legal investigations.

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